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Why is it wrong for the nice girls to be sexual?

I'm a nice girl myself, and 23 years old. And by nice girl, I mean like this typical "innocent girl next door" type of girl, or like someone who isn't considered a "thot".

Whenever I talk about my sex life, which is actually pretty much very average, as in just having sex with the partner/fiancé/spouse and often in a very vanilla way, people start acting really strange. Some of them think that I'm like oppressed by my fiancé or even by myself, others think that I'm either a creepy middle aged man with a creepy obsession towards innocent girls or something like that, and others think that I'm just whoring myself for those same thirsty middle aged creeps with those innocent girl fantasies. Some people even think that I'm like a troll.

Yes, many of the people who have reacted strangely about my sex life happen to be feminists and other sorts of social justice warriors, but for some reason, even some conservatives and right wingers react in the same way when it comes to my own sex life.

I remember that a feminist also tried to overprotect me and control my own sexuality because she thought that I'm too innocent to be sexual or something.

Those people think that it's also wrong for nice girls to talk about their own sex life.

I find this type of people's behavior as this thing called the Madonna-Whore Complex.

Why do many people have this Madonna-Whore Complex thingy? People having this complex gives me anxiety.


And for some reason, if a girl who is considered as a "thot" talks about her sex life, she is very celebrated and praised then.

But like I said, if a nice girl mentions even ONE thing about her sex life, she is considered oppressed, a perverted man posing as an innocent girl, a girl who whores herself for those same creeps, or a troll.

Update 2:

I don't think "nice girl" is synonymous with "asexual", "celibate", or "girl with a decreased sexual desire", is it?

I always thought that every healthy person in this world is sexual, just that nice girls (and nice boys too) aren't like 100% open when it comes to topics about sexuality.

Update 3:

I have always thought that nice girls (and nice boys) are also allowed to talk about their sex life. Aren't they? I mean, they too have questions about their body.

Update 4:

Also, BEFORE YOU GET ANGRY ABOUT ME SAYING THE WORD "THOT", remember that "thot" doesn't mean "sexual woman" or "sexual girl". A thot is just a female who hates on the nice girls while thinking that she is better than the nice girls for being sexually open.

Update 5:

Haters and trolls, go away.

Update 6:

I can't believe you, people.

You people are so freaking delusional in many ways. Some of you want to defend those holier-than-thou thots, and some of you believe in that same silly old stereotype about girls never liking sex.

Some of you also think that nice girls never talk about sex, as if nice girl would be the same thing as "girl from 1800s". Why do you have a 1800s calendar in your room?

Also, like I said:

Haters and trolls, GO AWAY!

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    We are in the middle one the largest sexual revolutions. It started with Janet Jackson popping her breast on live television in the 90's during a superbowl game and it's been a thing ever since. Girls who don't talk about or explore sex are considered "sexually oppressed" or even "sexually muted"; so a girl with dignity, pride, and self respect was supposed to be turned into a complete thotty by now. If you aren't a person openly talking about how you spell coconut on his wang then you clearly are a "prude". Yes, having some level of privacy or secrecy about your sex life is discouraged in the new world order of feminism and "woman empowerment". This is just how the social world works now if you choose to be social with people. Yes, people can be asocial, but most people just assume they are prudes; only the extroverted people who want to get noticed are expected to be thotty.

    Honestly, it's bar culture taking over as the dominant culture and we can thank the working class for that since they make up the majority now.

    • Bill
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      Feminist movements have always spawned sexual revolutions throughout history and the modern version of it is no different.

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    That is a very not good question to ask people will take that personally I wouldn't wanna grudge on these type of questions.

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    It's considered déclassé to discuss your sex life at all. Perhaps that's what people are reacting to.

  • Anonymous
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    " every healthy person in this world is sexual " ....NOT the case for women at all , most have no such desires , and why women look down on men as " sick , perverted , rapey " etc for being the gender cursed with sex drives / genuine attraction to the opposite sex ...which is never reciprocated !!

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      Same thing with men. Normal men dislike those fuckgirls too and they consider those girls as just gold diggers, cheap whores, sluts, or like girls who are more likely to be cheaters.

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    That's the most sexy thing in my books. I was with this girl for ages and she was all sweet and innocent, literally 2 months of dating before sex. Then bang man everything comes out but she acted like it's all me, we go to Anne summers and be all like would you want to try this or this other this ohhhh this would you like to try this. Then started doing mcat and erm inviting others in and cam

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    Nice girls don't go around discussing their sex life. Lol, do you think it's really a comfortable subject for everyone to hear about? Quit doing it.

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      So therefore, if you think that nice girls never want nor need any advice when it comes to sex, then that's Madonna-Whore Complex too. It's not smart to think that nice girls are always like totally silent about sex. A bit more than others maybe, but not like 100%.

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    As a conservative person I obviously understand why my people would “ condemn” your behavior . Many of us conservatives happen to be religious and the Catholic Church clearly condems premarital sex. Also , premarital sex causes extremely high rates of abortion, single motherhood and STD .. society pays a high price as a result of it.. the price is paid in the form of lost human lives to abortion and STD and it’s also paid in a monetary form since the government spends so much money on single mothers .. Let’s not forget either that most people in jail were raised by single mothers .

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      hi: Doesn't the bible say: "Judge not that ye be not judged" and a whole bunch of other stuff condemning the idea of judging others? (Which is exactly what you're admitting that you do.) Are you "without sin" @hi or are you a hypocrite?

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    Have you tried resetting it?

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    Let me blunt as a humanist regardless of my gender you cannot be judged or moralized for your sexuality and human natural urges but what you can be judged for is an omission or commission of an offence in the pursuit of fulfilling your sexual needs !!!

    All the talk about women's menstrual being dirty and a woman pursuing her sexuality is a slut is hogwash and history now .

    You talk and share and connect young one ...this is a fundamental human right !!!

    Source(s): MISOA....we will not allow the younger generation to suffer because of the past .....ex MGTOW....:)
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    Maybe keep the private stuff private and don’t tell people you don’t trust about it.

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