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Can we still have sex?

So I’ve been with my new boyfriend for a couple of weeks. We’ve had protected sex the whole time but we do want to get STD tested. I recently called a clinic they say to wait 3 weeks to get tested, can we still have protected sex in those 3 weeks?

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    Do either of you have any particular reason to suspect that you have an STD? Skin eruptions, oozing sores, high fever, swollen lymph nodes? If you are using a condom every time there is nearly no risk of transmitting any infection to your partner.

  • You could but I would wait until you get the results back. Condoms can break or fall off.

    If you've been with him longer then 3 weeks then get tested.

    Also consider going on birth control (if you want to stop using condoms) if you're female and not ready to have a child.

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    If you've been having protected sex all of this time, then continuing to have protected sex will make no difference. Most STD testing is done with urine samples anyways.

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    You want to get the test done but have to wait 3 weeks before they can do it? find another clinic or go to your doctor and get it done now but yes you can still have sex using condoms but if either of you have an sti there is still a small chance of passing it to the other person.

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    I guess if you wrap that rascal, you would be good to go.

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    Are you asking if I know what the test results will eventually reveal? I do not know.

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    Hmm. yes you can, but it might mess up results

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