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22 and still single?

I’m turning 22 next week and I feel kind of down that I haven’t been in a serious relationship yet. I met this guy that I fell in love with at 16 and he wasn’t ready for a relationship at the time so. I pushed him away because of it also not being in such a good place in my life. I did however tell him my feelings (first time i ever did that) cause no matter what I could never forget about him. Unfortunately it was too late as he was just getting into a relationship with some girl who’s honestly not even attractive. Which shocks me. I became really depressed over it and what makes me sad is knowing that I’m still single. I pushed away every guy even guys who were more attractive just cause I loved him so much. I’m finally getting over him and have energy to do things now but I regret wasting all that time on him and I’m stuck feeling like I’m not good enough and that no one wants me. I seem to always attract guys that I don’t like and the guys I do like seem to not be as invested in me. My family has made fun of me for being single when we get into arguments. It seems like everyone my age has someone. Any tips or advice?

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    It isn't your fault- God has a plan for you. That plan has involved being single, and what happens in the future is in His control- that is beautiful (see Jeremiah 29:11 for why).

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    Well there you go. You dont give guys a chance. If you continue like that than you will remain single for a while

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    At 22 you're still about three years away from having the fully developed brain that would enable you to make rational decisions about a serious relationship. So I wouldn't be so hard on yourself.

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    The older you are when you get into a serious relationship, the more emotionally-mature you will be.

    And it is this - not love - that makes a relationship work. That avoids heartbreak.

    As for what happened over this guy .. you were attached to him. You wanted him. But LOVE doesn't even START to grow until you have been living with them as a partner for at least a couple of years .. and then it takes another 20 years or so before the love starts to blossom and work.

    You had a fantasy about a guy you didn't know very well, and you thought that fantasy was reality, and you became very attached/invested in that fantasy. This is not love.

    And the problem with heartbreak is that every time you get your heart broken, you build a stronger wall around your heart .. so you won't get hurt again. Unfortunately, this means you cannot open your heart TO love, so your relationships will be more likely to fail.

    Turning 22 is fine.

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    Change the things you can, Accept the the things you cannot. Actually, he has done you a favor. Few people can find the person they want for a lifetime until they are in their 30s. Didn't happen to me until I was 55. Avoid having confused children from a failed marriage, go with the odds, and start looking for a future partner in your late 20s. I so wish I had had that advice before my first marriage.

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    There is nothing wrong with being single. However, I recommend not pushing away guys that like you, for someone you can't have. He has moved on and is living his life. Yet you have paused yours. Focus on your happiness, create new situations and just move forward because you can't change the past.

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