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Do most women expect men to take care of them financially?

I notice that most women don't know anything about personal finance or investing, and have literally no interest in learning about it. They choose soft majors in college that lead to low paying careers, they don't understand how student loans work, and have no interest in educating themselves about it. So I come to assume either a) they expect their parents to take care of them financially, or b) they expect a future spouse to take care of them financially. If many women have no interest in making money, no interest in investing, no interest in even learning about personal finance, and no career goals to support themselves and afford to pay rent and live alone and pay their ALL of their own bills with no debt, it's a pretty logical conclusion to make


Most women won't even do their own taxes and think it's impossible or they "dont understand how to do it", when it literally takes 5 minutes to do with Turbo Tax

Update 2:

Most women have no clue what a 401k is, have no clue how employer health insurance works, etc etc. All which are critical to know as an adult

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    Most people of both genders don't have much of a clue about money prior to their mid 20's. This is why so many Millennials are in debt up to their eyeballs. But older people, especially if they're married and creating a household come to understand finances a little better. Factually in the US most women work for pay and don't expect to live the life of a princess. If your tastes run to gold diggers then that's the kind of woman you'll pursue. But you'll be stepping over a lot of fiscally responsible women to get to that THOT who just wants your wallet.

  • I think that's how most of their minds work. Men are impressive to women if they have material or financial assets. Its just the way the impulsive female mind works, it wants financial security in relationship. No all women are like this though. It just a general tendency.

    I have no real interest in women, so I am apathetic towards all this. I don't recommend that state of mind, but if you knew me, you'd completely understand.

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    Men can be stupid too..

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    I sure hope not! Those man-hating losers better gets jobs! They deserve nothing from men.

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    Traditionally yes. In modern day it should be equal

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    Well I got my start in finance learning from my mom, my dad just wants to know if we made him any money on a given day.

    Source(s): 35 years of investing experience... thanks to mom and Louis Rukeyser (Wall Street Week).
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    You can hardly speak for "most women". A small minority fit into your description, but the vast majority of women I know do not. The married women in my group of friends all make more money than their husbands and all manage money well, understand loans, investments and taxes, participate heavily in their company retirement plans and are well able to take care of themselves.

    You live in a very small world that does not reflect reality.

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    You are hanging out with the wrong women...

    I surround myself with successful people, whether male or female. My wife makes more money than I do...I think you are just hanging out with the wrong women.

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    truer fifty years ago than now.

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    Maybe you're only noticing certain women and then saying all women.

    Statistics show that very few women are being provided for by men. They might want it but, its not actually happening much.

    Most women being provided for by men didn't need it because they have degrees from top universities and well off families.

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