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Can herpes appear as a single, painless, red bump ?

So a few weeks back I noticed I had 2 pimples form a little above my penis, maybe 2in down from my waistband. They weren’t particularly painful or uncomfortable, the only discomfort came when popping them but that’s normal. Anyways, I popped both of them, they were both pink with white puss draining out. Fast forward to now, one of the pimples has gone away completely but the other left a pink bump maybe 3-4mm in diameter. It doesn’t hurt, or move, or appear to be filled with a liquid. In the past 2 months since I’ve been checked for std’s, I’ve had unprotected sex twice, but both people said they had been recently checked and were std free. I will be getting tested again here in about a week, I just wanted to know if these are tell tail sighns that I have herpes or not.

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    You wouldn't be able to pop a herpes blister with out having pain or discomfort.

    Herpes are usually blisters not red bumps and they don't usually occur on the abdomen.

    It could be heat rash or in grown hairs. If you're concerned about it then get the bumps checked out.

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  • 2 months ago

    Oh dear. I am so sorry to hear this struggle, I had some bumps that were irritated and had pustules and stuff but I definitely went to the doctor and you should too. When you feel better and are healed, consider investing in a penis health creme. I know I talk about it constantly and so do my friends, but we moisturize the rest of our bodies... why not our genitals? They are VIP, after all lol. Good luck ya'll. 

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  • 7 months ago

    No. All herpetic viruses form blisters that scab into shallow ulcers, they also dont appear on your abdomen

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