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If first world western countries are apparently so good. Why are so many people dying on the streets?

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  • rick
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    5 months ago

    Two problems. Poverty and health care. According to the last US census, almost half of the US citizens live at or below poverty level. They can not afford a medical emergency. In spite of many protests, when I point this out, the US health care system is rated #3 in North America. Note that the ultra rich from south and central America do NOT come to the USA, when they have serious health problems.

  • steve
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    5 months ago

    The sad truth is that the governments of these countries only care about the rich.

    The poor and needy are left to their own devices.

    People in first world countries die homeless and on the streets because those in power look after their own and could not care about the rest of us.

    I recently came across a man who was clearly alcoholic or on drugs or both collapsed on a seat outside a supermarket. I looked at him to see if he was still breathing but couldn't tell. Then a lady joined me and asked is he still alive?

    Meanwhile all the shoppers were just walking on by and couldn't care less. It turned out he had just fallen asleep and was ok.

    But it is the I am alright Jack attitude of most western societies. People think it is below them if they are doing OK to worry about others not doing so good.

  • 5 months ago

    Because people die in general, regardless of where they are and where they come from.

  • 5 months ago

    who ever said that poverty is non-existent even in the most developed countries?

    the term "first world", Is just a way to refer to capitalist countries in north america, Western Europe, Japan, and Australia

    it was also used as a way to distinguish themselves from the soviet bloc by referring to the first world as being part of the NATO

    it was just a form of propaganda created by the u.s.a and its allies during the Cold War to compete against the soviet bloc

    • Man Abrier
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      5 months agoReport

      Well, rich people don't throw you into gulags. Only forward thinking progressive atheists do that.

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  • 5 months ago

    Because they're people and all people have a death drive. First world countries never promised to change the human condition.

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