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Am I scared of people?

I realize that a lot of my life up until september 2018, i used to be a very care free and comfortable person. I became worried of what people would think of me and during the year 2018, I had lost all my friends due to a breakup. I wasn't used to living a life style without anyone close to me, I had nobody to talk to. Once I get close to someone new, I get nervous and I kind of act not like myself but in a way I think they'll like me. Once I've done that, I get anxious and just leave. I get scared of the thought people leaving or judging me. I used to be a doormat, but I've stopped doing that since I've kind of grown some respect for myself. But I tend to just get really nervous around new people I get close to and leave to get a breather and to calm down. Sometimes, doing this causes me to forget who I am as a person. I still don't know who I am and I want to find my real personality. (does this make any sense?) I do notice a big difference without social media so I've been working on that.

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  • 7 months ago

    It happened when you broke up.

    This shows they weren't your friends.

    Start by getting one friend you can trust.

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