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Is it normal to feel so guilty after emotional abuse?

After telling my story to the Domestic Abuse Hotline I was referred for counseling for emotional abuse and manipulative behavior from from my ex. We're going through a custody battle for our kids now and she's suddenly become abnormally friendly-ish with me and is actually answering texts.

This has triggered an enormous amount of guilt in me for some reason. I feel guilty for literally everything. She put a lot of blame on me and yeah it's all coming back. I feel guilty for her leaving, I feel guilty for everything I allegedly did, and I feel guilty for filing for custody of our kids.

Is this normal? Why do I feel so effin guilty?

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  • 6 months ago

    Not sure why you feel guilty but it could be a learned behavior (from childhood?)

    Guilt is for criminals. You're not one

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  • 6 months ago

    Because, what you just said in the first sentence. She's manipulating you. She's trying to make you loosen the grip on the custody battle for your kids and give it up to her. She's not the victim here. You're in a harmful relationship, and you acted the correct way. There's no reason to feel guilty. Good luck with the custody battle. And don't beat yourself up for what you did. Anyone with their leg in a bear trap would try and get it off.

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