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Do u prefer to use ios or android??

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    To be honest they both have their ups and downs and I've made a point to use both. If you are thinking of a smartwatch, I haven't found a better watch that has tap-to-pay as well as calls and texts than the Apple Watch. I also find Apple CarPlay superior to Android Auto at the moment. If you're somebody into minimalism, I personally find iOS fits that description better.

    That being said, Android has the better customization. You can change the layout on any screen and even the colour scheme. You also have more options for messaging apps if you're not into the default. In fact, there's more apps in general as anybody can develop them for Android. When it comes to security, I actually prefer Android due to the fact that an antivirus app can take the control it needs to do it's job effectively (something I can't say for iOS).

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    4 months ago

    Apple for sure!!!!!!!

  • 4 months ago

    Apple as non jail broken iPhone is more secure than android.

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    For a long time, but my preference was android. But that was only because I could not afford an iPhone. Now I have an iPhone with unlimited service, and it seems much better. But if I had never used an IPhone, I would certainly be using the android phone.

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    Android has the best phones out there, iOS has too many intentional design flaws

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    I suggest using to android, because is it so low price & simple feature, everyone understands that.

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    Android since Apple removed the headphone jack

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    ios tried android not my thing

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    Android. It is much better for me for what I like to do on mobile devices. If iOS had as good file management as Android (I'm not sure how good the iOS 13 file manager is/will be), it might convince me to move over to iOS.

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