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How to get back into fighting shape?

I'm 29 years old currently and started MMA at 20 years old, training for five years which allowed me to win a lot of amateur fights. I ended up quitting the sport because I was no longer passionate about it. However, there's an unaffiliated fighter who has no other areas of experience in martial arts, aside from being a black belt in MMA that would like to have his first amateur fight against me.

He doesn't plan to learn other martial arts, he is just going to try and improve his kung fu game. I went back to my former trainer and he doesn't think I need to re-learn anything to win based on the circumstances, he just told me to focus on weight training and cardio to get back into fighting shape and then my natural instincts would dominate the fight. What kind of exercises should I focus on?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Blackbelt in MMA? Since when MMA has belt ranks and degrees?

    I smell TROLL!

    or someone who does not know his a$shole from a hole in the ground!

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