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Opinions & Ideas for my Sweet 16 party?

Hello! I'm trying to plan my Sweet 16 party and am having a hard time deciding what to do. I was thinking of pitching a tent (a pretty spacious one I have, it fits about 10 people comfortably and I'm inviting 8) in my backyard and decorating the inside of it with a few strands of fairy lights + blankets and pillows. I'm going for a cozy and girly theme, and throughout the night I want to talk, play games, watch movies, and basically just hang out in the tent. Do you think what I've described so far sounds fun or does it sound weird? I personally think it's cute but I've gotten some mixed opinions. Any feedback and ideas are welcome!

To clarify, this won't be a sleepover. It would take place in the evening but my friends would get picked up a few hours after dark.

SN: I also need game recommendations! I'm thinking "Who Knows the Birthday Girl Best" but that's about all I've got so far.


This isn't a huge party. I'm inviting 8 people but I already know two of them won't be able to make it. I'm also doing it the night before my birthday so I can spend my actual birthday with my family. :)

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    You don’t need a huge party. Just have pizza and pop, and include your parents.

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