I was refused medical test 3 Chiropractors, my GP, and an orthopedic doctor, said I needed, Cigna said, it was not medically needed.?

My Doctor, said, IL allows people with no insurance to pay for my MRI for $300. I said, then lets do it. I just got the results today I have a complete Rotator cup tear, and a major tenant tear. So Cigna delayed my medical test an medical treatment for a full month because they felt it was not medically needed. They were wrong. I was in massive pain, and off work and delaying my surgery delays me getting back to work for over a month. and The tenant tear, could have gotten worse making me wait 33 days. In part because they said, I had to show I was having rehab for 6 weeks. Which I did, but the PT and Chiro doctor after 3 weeks said, they were going to cut back on my exercise, because they thought it could make it worse. What kind of lawyer, do I look for. ?


Diane, I don't think you understood my question. I was hurt, and there is a good evidence My tendant tear was smaller a month away. Witch was when 2 chiropractors and the Orthopedic surgeon said I needed an MRI. But even if the injury is close to the same, Cigna made me wait in pain, for 32 days before I could not take the pain which made me start taking Opioids. GP said, I need surgery right away. After he saw my MRI that I paid for. Because Cigna said I did not have a medical need.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    This falls under medical malpractice / insurance law.

  • 1 year ago

    Start with the ortho contacting Cigna if they haven’t, often they can bypass the initial decline and speak to the medical director. That is cheaper than hiring a lawyer to start. Any general lawyer can send a letter if you can’t find one with health care experience.

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