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My sensei makes racist remarks?

Maybe it's because he's from a generation when calling people certain names was acceptable.

The other day he said "listen up! The Japs do all their throws in small circles".

He's a old school bouncer, street fighter and is a war veteran.

Despite his age he can still close down any 23 year old mixed martial artist within seconds who walks through the door of our dojo. Excellent teacher and a father figure too.

I have family members who are Japanese. He also calls the Chinese, gays and Moslems certain names.

I don't want to confront as he's a pretty scary guy and might take offence

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    Your sensei has the freedom to speak his own mind within his own dojo. And you MUST respect his position.

    HOWEVER: You do not have to accept his bigotry. It sounds like your sensei has taught you all that you can learn from him. It's time to pursue another who believes what you believe.

    If your ex-sensei wants to know why (which is unlikely, but if you run into him on the streets), be as respectful to him as you were in his dojo. But let him know that you needed a new direction. That is all he needs to know.

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    So the fact that he uses some racial epithets makes him a racist? I have to ask that because some individuals from older generations still use some of those names. They were raised and brought up during a time when it was acceptable and for some old habits die hard. I don't believe in political correctness to as large of a degree as some others. Its a card that gets way overplayed and misplayed more than it should when instead people should just behave and treat others with the same dignity and respect that they would like to be treated with. I think you probably need to look a little deeper into him and things to know if he is a racist or not really other than just how he refers to some groups of people. Old habits die hard with some individuals from some generations like how they sometimes refer to others and other ethnic groups but yet that does not make them in total a bad person or a racist.

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    What ACTUAL REMARKS as RACIST? Or just 'Familiar' terms, dialectal terms? Japs do their throws in small circles? Judo, Wado, Shotokan use the rotation of body during some basic throws a lot, small circle movement for setup so Sensei was telling truth then- that's Racist? what terms used for other religions, ethnic subgroups- Goyim? zjivuhgy? yovahnim? So are family members nisei ? Or do they identify themselves as from San Fransisco? Seems your Sensei is teaching defense, survival in street fight, combat martial arts, survive bar fights and doing a very good job of it. Learn what you can of what he can teach you, be polite to him, Dojo courtesy. Military veteran- does he call you a 'maggot'? does he identify his 'color' as 'green'?

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    Maybe change your definition of racist. Is calling someone a dummy racist, or a stupidhead? Being a name for someone of a particular nationality doesn't mean it's no longer just a name. They're just names.

    "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will scar my soul forever" - Melted Snowflakes

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    My sensei was racist as well. I just ignore it but eh whatever

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    Just ignore the remarks and move along.

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    Cobra Kai

    Sweep the leg Johnny

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    i wouldnt go out with sorneone like that

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    Actually racial name calling was never acceptable, but as I grew up in the '50s it was tolerated. Also tolerated was sexual abuse of women and black segregation (colored only was commonplace in the south through late 1960s).

    You'll not change your sensei. He is old school. So it's up to you what you do next. Were it I, I'd find another sensei and dojo. Nothing protests louder in a capitalist society than the loss of customers. If there are no alternatives, and you want to continue your training, you're stuck with the old school.

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    "ACCEPTABLE" No no.. He's from a time where people weren't such soft little fairies who took other peoples bigoted views and opinions to heart. He has his views, other people had theirs, and they were TRULY entitled to them.

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      Someone's views can be the precursor to actions against you. It's one thing for someone to say they don't like me. It's another if they take action against me based on that. No one is obligated to just accept that. Especially when the comments are threatening.

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