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I'm not holding back anymore? I'll lift and stay healthy until I'm dead?

I won't let anything or anyone slow me down. I'll exercise until I've left this earth.

I'll make the best of the time that I have here...even if it means that I die trying. Do you think that this is a good mentality to have?

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    Hey. I think that is a good mentality to have, for the most part. You look to be in really good shape, and you have a nice v-shaped body. Don't forget the legs, haha. Seriously though, you are in good shape, so, you probably enjoy working out. Do it for yourself, not anybody else. You are the most important of what you think of your own body. Imo, it's even possible for you to be as good, or better than your idols.

    I wouldn't doubt that you could look better than them. If you were having a hard time in the past to be motivated? Your mind can easily change overnight. Just know that you already look good. Start tomorrow, or later today, and try to enjoy that you are still living, still young, healthy, and still have a chance to fufill your dreams. I will be brutally honest, though. I did say "for the most part" It's good that you want to work hard, stay healthy, and make fitness a big part of your life.

    It does sound like you are also angry, too. Everything has happened the way it should. Don't be afraid to work hard, and even do things that you are afraid to do, or things that are your weakness once in a while. I can't tell you what to do, or do I want to. If you want to workout even if "it kills you" you can try... If it makes you stronger more power to you.

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    Sounds great to me.

    Go for it.

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    no...its good that you want to exercise...but and this may sound need some real goals...working out is a means to what end? living longer? finding a mate? inner peace?

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    Yes, but alot of people had said that same thing, its not like you are first. When you are young everyone thinks thats how life goes. When you get older you will start getting injured, sometimes major injuries, and that will change your opinion on what you are doing.

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    1 year ago

    RANGER SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

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