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Could I have a form of dissociation?

I often feel like everything around me is a that of a dream, like I can’t control my own body. It feels like my own thoughts are something that I cannot control, along with my movements and speech. It’s honestly like something comes over me to make my body feel numb, yet I can still feel everything I’m doing, and my thoughts are raging along in my head. This usually lasts for a few minutes every single day (if not every other day). Is this a lower form of dissociation? Does anyone else feel like this very often? I did research online about this. It seems like dissociative disorders are like what I’m experiencing.

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    A sense of unreality, living in a dream while awake, is called derealization. It can be a symptom of a psychological problem such as anxiety or depression. You would probably want to talk with the doctor about this, although the problem you mention is not necessarily a symptom of a disorder.

    I have information about mood disorders and derealization in my answers. In one of my answers I mention the Psychology Today article on derealization, which suggests simple grounding methods, and I describe these. You can take a depression screening test online such as CESD R, or KADS 6-Item if your're a teenager. This article is about signs of an anxiety disorder -

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    Could be signs that you are on the verge of waking up from the dream called "life."

    It's a good thing and no not many people experience it.

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