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Would you ever confront a student who you think developed an eating disorder from her anxiety? How would you do it?

I am very concerned as this student has lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. She was always thin but I can tell she is anorexic. I have also passed her running and walking.


Just to update: Student is in University so she is a young adult over 18.

Update 2:

If you were the professor/teacher would you try talking to such student in private?

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    yes you should because its part of youre job as a teacher to protect the Children in the school. The best way to do it would be to just take the student to an emty classroom and you tell her what you have noticed and then you talk it out

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      The asker has been posting questions about student/teacher confidentiality for MONTHS now. She has already had all the answers there can possibly be. She is clearly a troll.

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    Shove a doughnut in her mouth

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