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Is this rude of my friends?

I'm the only friend with a house out of the 5 of us, 1 of the friends lives with me and often invites the other friends over. I don't mind this as I own the property it's kind of up to me.

However today they've invited themselves over after travelling about in the car. They're currently at my house 2 hours before I'm due to finish work (GF let them in because she thought I'd agreed to it).

I'm annoyed because they've been out in the car most of the day and now it's getting late they want to be in my house, haven't even offered to give me a lift and I'll be gone for next 3 hours.

I've tried messaging them but they're with each other playing on my xbox so I'm just getting vague blunt replies.

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    Your house has become the hangout house, never let your place become the hangout house. They will think that anything goes there.

  • Raven
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    5 months ago

    Get rid of these jerks asap because when they look at you all they see is a giant house that replaces your head. Trust me, I've had similar experiences except I allowed the sh!t head to live in my house when he was down but instead of finding his own place he quits his job and ate all the food and drank everything that I had bought with my money for myself and my family.

    If you and your friend have a disagreement over letting them over all the time, state calmly that you just can't take this all the time. If your friend doesn't understand this, then it's best to end the living arrangement. Does your friend sound like my former friend? If the house is your property and your friend is just a guest who isn't paying rent then you have every right to tell them to leave, and if they refuse you can call the police.

    The situation becomes tricky if they in fact are paying rent. Discuss with them if you have an arguement over the rest of the friends coming over when the best time to end the living arrangement would be and who should move out. If this is not the situation, please refer to kicking them out if they do not respect your boundaries.

    At the end of the day, you never know what a friend or any person is truly like unless you live with them. I've known my friend for more than ten years before the dramatic living situation completely distroyed our friendship. I feel for you and know how difficult it can be to deal with aggressive behavior especially if you live with them when they get angry after the confrontation. There is no shame in getting help from other good friends or relatives to help you let this guy know that his behavior has to change.

    I ended up having to wash his clothes because he refused to and just let them stink all day. Whenever I bought something he'd use more than half of it before I even got home from work. Don't let this happen to you.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I have a friend who says to me "if you have to ask, the answer is always yes"

    • Jamie5 months agoReport

      Well this is a stupid comment.

      Wtf does that quote even mean?
      "Can I borrow £1,000" Me: Well you had to ask so yes!

      Moron if you agree to everyone's questions which is basically what you're saying then you're going to get stepped all over.

      Useless advice, read my question before commenting plz

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