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Why do people limit themselves?

Are they scared of their own power? Or does this originate from society, which encourages us to not question things and tells us that we’re not enough, so we can consume more of their meaningless products?

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    Nah, it's usually about their comfort level. The higher you stick up your head, the more you have to grow internally to handle it. And internal growth hurts. Everyone could have a super-buff body too, but why don't they? Same thing.

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    because they are not conscious of the negative patterns of thought which have been instilling within them from birth and continue to do so from parents, religion, and just about everybody else, all this noise from the outside world becomes habitual and then unconscious so then it becomes the default setting and normal mode of thought. This is why Christ said be in the world but not of it. Basically the worlds message are lies and illusions with which are bombarded with...When this is habitual it requires great effort, practice, perseverance and time to change the attitudes as anyone will attest to that has seriously tried.

    Some once said "We dont have attitudes, attitudes have us."

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    I think both can be true. People are afraid of the unknown, and what they don't understand, especially when it comes to our own potential, out of fear of "losing the familiar". The volatility of human nature is the reason leaders of large population groups "fear the mob", which is why society must be tamed by "authoritative rule". So long as it is a "healthy fear", society does well and prospers. If not, the societal elitists' fear turns to contempt and disdain, and justifies putting down the rest of society, which is how we get, the "ignorant masses".

    If the common person were made aware of their 'full potential' and taught how to fulfill it, what happens to the value and significance of the "ruling elite"? So, some believe it is in their interest to keep this from happening, and divert our attention away from 'within', towards outside of ourselves, to chase unattainable standards and endless desires, which keeps people feeling bad about themselves and the world. When you're made to believe that happiness is outside of one's self, you're placing you own inner 'worth and value', externally on worldly and material things.

  • I am not afraid of my own power, I just don't want too much power. I like to leave the world to operate on its own. If I can alter some ideas, change the course of someone's life, for the better, that's good, but I don't want the great responsibility that comes with great power; for I don't know for sure if the way that I think life should go, is the way that life should go for everyone. I appreciate personal individuality, and democracy (From a political standpoint of power). I think this is modern situation, and that's why you won't see many raising up to have power, unless of course its political power, in which case there are several candidates all trying to find that position as president, here in America. #Yanggang.

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    Sometimes it is better to be within the limits.

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    The reasons are primarily PSYCHOLOGICAL, not philosophical.

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    It is a new liberation to get the "unmeltable logic" in mind.

    The output of a gun and a car is produced from there.

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    They limit themselves because that's all they want.

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    Because of the reward: cost ratio. Little pleasure for a lot of stress/anxiety. It's not as though people are limiting themselves to make their situation worse.

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    Limit ourselves in what aspects?

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