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How too cut a life long friend out of my life?

I am a 19 year old girl and so is my friend, unfortunately she recently earned herself a slutty reputation. All she cares about is getting laid she has slept with partners of mutual friends of ours, had an affair with a married man and whenever we go on nights out she doesn't pay any attention too me and waits for whatever guy comes up to the bar. I am getting so tired of her behaviour and sick of making excuses for her, she has had a troubled family life but that's not enough too excuse her anymore. She is fully aware of what she's doing but doesn't care. Her little brother gets a ton of cr*p at school for his sister "being the town bicycle" but when I was talking about this with her the other day although she didn't put it quite so bluntly but what she basically said was "that's his problem, not mine". But she is constantly contacting me one way or the other and has told me that I am her only true friend but I can't do this anymore. How do I tell her people of yahoo?

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    Just tell her that if she's willing to go hiking, to a movie, to lunch or to some other non-nightclub/non-guy thing place you'd be willing to see her. But make it clear you're sick of being ditched for any guy with an interest and a condom in his wallet.

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    You meet with her face-to-face and tell her the truth like you posted here: you cannot keep her as a friend because you cannot support her behavior. Then you block or remove her from your phone and social media accounts and don't interact with her anymore.

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    Tell her the truth, in person. Tell her how her behavior makes you feel, and suggest to her that she speak with someone about it. Tell her that until and unless she stops behaving in such self-destructive manner, you don't feel that you want to be around that.

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    It seems to me it is not the time to give up on your friend. Your friend is probably throwing herself at other people sexually to hide a certain pain she is feeling on the inside. If you say she is having trouble at home, it probably makes her lonely or gives her a feeling that she is not wanted and the only way she can feel any kind of emotion is the sexual kind. I do think it is a time for you to try your best to get closer to her to find the root of her problem to try to help her. Don't give up on her... you two are only 19 and have so much ahead in life. Try your best to help her.

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    If you don't want to go out with her, then stay home. She's apparently sowing her wild oats right now. At least she's adventurous!

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