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Am I overreacting. Please leave Advice. No negative comments?

I have a 1 year old and me and her dad is no longer together. He has a girlfriend and me and her don’t get along at all... Yesterday I was talking to my baby father mother and she was telling me how stand off-ish the girl is with my daughter and that she doesn’t interact with my daughter at all..She always tutting her nose up or have a attitude when my daughter not around...She said one day they were going to the movies and the car was packed my son was the youngest in the car (1) so my son father told one of the older kids to hold her son (3) in his lap while my son get in the car seat. She made a big deal about that begin her son car seat my son and his father stayed home..I really don’t feel safe with my son begin around her especially if my son father isn’t around..his mom also said she would take her 2 kids places and leave his 2 kids at home... Am I overreacting or what should I do?

Random facts

Her, her 2 kids, as well as his mom stays with him.

His other 2 kids (not my son) stays with him

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    When your son is with your ex, HE IS RESPONSIBLE for the child. His girlfriend is not. You cant control what sort ofBitch your ex keeps around so you might as well just accept it and move on.

    I'm not sure why you think you have to get along with his gf. She has nothing to do with your and your ex's parenting of YOUR child.

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    5 months ago

    not rnuch you can do unless shes doing sornething shes not supposed to do

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    Your son isn't being left alone. His father seems clearly invested. You are in communication with your son's grandmother who also lives in the home. Why need this other woman suddenly be in charge of 5 kids? She's expected to be running a day care without wanting to, being trained to do so or being paid?

    The gf of your son's father is not obligated in any way to be a caregiver to your 1 year old son. So his Daddy takes it on during their time together or the visitation arrangement changes until your son is older. She has no obligation to care for your baby.

    And the father needs a baby carrier for his car! There is no "choice" between whether the 1 or the 3 year old gets the car seat. That need end immediately. Daddy gets a baby seat for his car or the baby doesn't get in the car.

    I don't see anything wrong with a 1 year old being left with his grandmother (if she's capable) while the gf takes her own kids out and about. Your ex's gf is NOT the mother of his 3 kids and it's okay. Your baby has a mother. I think it's great you care about how your baby is being attended to.

    Perhaps custodial agreements need be reexamined. At least discussed.

  • 5 months ago many baby mamas does he have??? Sheesh.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You have no control over who your ex dates or whether he takes him to the movies or not.

    Tell his mother to stop gossiping to you and then you will have less things to get worked up about.

  • 5 months ago

    It’s her life but you have a point she’s being very selfish

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