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Should doctors be allowed to refuse medical care to patients who are unlikely to recover?

Example: Someone with Waterhouse-Friderichson meningitis, which has a mortality rate of 60 percent.

With such a high chance of death, it seems reasonable for a doctor to refuse to offer any form of emergency treatment. Why waste resources that could be given to healthier patients?

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    First off: most types of cancers have similar or worse survival rates and yet we still treat them. Should we though? ABSOLUTELY! How do you think medicine has been able to improve so significantly?! Treating life-threatening illnesses and making serious diseases a priority is how we have been able to find cures. HIV used to mean a death sentence and now people can live long and happy lives with it. Patients who are healthier and not facing life or death should obviously not be made a priority in a hospital situation. Using resources on healthier patients IS a waste and it is the reason why hospitals are always overrun. People with the flu or a cold or an ear infection or a sprained ankle are the ones who should be turned away at the door because there are thousands of temporary care options available to them at rite aid while they wait to see a primary. Emergency treatment is for those who are in an emergency situation but sadly the loopholes regarding hospital care are so loose that I can go to one for a flipping paper cut. If there is a 100% chance of death then obviously treatment will be denied and pain management is the focus. But 60% is still very treatable and it should be made a priority not just for the patient but for the bettering of medicine as a whole.

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    5 months ago

    Hello my friend.Come to Greece to have free medical healthcare and end up butchered for organ harvest.

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    Only if the patient doesn't want to live anymore

    And the law varies from country to country

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    They are certainly allowed to (and SHOULD) DISCUSS with the patient (and/or his family and/or designated decision-maker) the realistic odds for success of any particular treatment, as well as the downsides (additional pain/suffering) so the patient can make an educated decision about whether or not proceed with treatment.

    But of course since you are suggesting that 60% mortality rate is unacceptably high and there is no such illness as "Waterhouse-Friderichson meningitis" (WF Syndrome is sometimes a COMPLICATION of meningitis) you are trolling anyway.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    The patient could recover. The doctor will answer God one day.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Your 'suggestion' is like saying a trained lifeguard with a jet-ski should watch a person drown instead of wasting the gas.

    In 1987 little Jessica McClure fell down a well. The whole world rallied to save her. Why? Because one human life is precious... invaluable....

    It seems that your greed has clouded your vision.

    If you had all the money in the world and died today, what difference would it make?

    Because you love money, you despise God... and you will have to give an account for every careless word very soon. How will you escape being condemned to hell?

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