Sugar cookie base without the sugar coating, a layer of chocolate chip, weird recipe, please read details?

Sugar cookie dough without the sugar coating, then a layer of chocolate chips, then another layer of the sugar cookie dough again without the sugar coating. Then you cut a one inch cross into the center, then a light coating of brown sugar or regular granulated sugar then of course you bake it. -- my boyfriend cannot remember the name of this recipe, if anyone knows this type of cookie please let me know if there's a recipe name and where to find the instructions on it. I know it's weird, but he can't remember the name. And I have no idea what he's actually talking about, all my years of baking I'm not quite sure I've heard of this.

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    This sounds like a "Pillow" cookie.

    Search for Sugar Cookie Pillow Recipe.

    You could layer your sugar cookie with anything between the two sugar cookies. Adding chocolate chips is just one.

    If he is talking about a "Bar Cookie" you could do the same thing but press the cookie dough into a pan, since it would be a layered cookie a 9 inch square rather than a 13X9 would probably be the size you would want. You would have to be careful that you do not over bake them.

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