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is the front snap kick in martial arts the kick of choice used when people kick doors open?

=) serious question.can this kick make closed doors open? its very powerful


EDIT" yes if a kittten is trapped inside a room on fire yes =)

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    There is a front snap kick and a front thrust kick and the two are somewhat different with the thrust kick being much more powerful. The snap kick is just primarily the lower leg together with the upper leg somewhat. So it does not have the power of the thrust kick but it does not take quite as long to retract nor does it require near the distance to be extended. You see it used in a lot of fighting and full contact situations.

    The thrust kick is the lower leg together with the upper leg and also the hip and lower back. It has much more weight and muscle behind it all those muscle groups work with one another in a coordinated fashion (synergy)and so it is much stronger and what you would want to use to kick a door. You do see it used in fighting also but not near as much because you are more fully committed to the kick and all the power is at the end of the technique so the distance between you and your opponent is more of a factor in some ways.

    When you get hit by a front snap kick it can of course hurt you and maybe even knock the wind out of you if you are not in good shape or if it hits you on certain spots. When you get hit by a front thrust kick cleanly then your feet won't touch ground as you fly backwards and then you usually land on your butt.

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      good well detailed answer; also, standard frnt kck has knee extending with lower part of lg as upper prt of lg comes into correct placement, is smooth & continuous, & generally done with lg thats rearmost when initiating,& re selection of a kck(if any), generally, simply using handle to open is good

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    back kick is usually preferred

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    5 months ago

    You will break your leg, and the kitten will not survive.

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    You need to jump to require more power, if you don't, the door won't open until it gets old.

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    You wouldn't use a snap kick on a door, no.

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