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What do I need? Flying with friends child from England to Greece?

I am flying from London Gatwick to Corfu, Greece on the 27th of July with a friends child who is 15. Do I need a letter of consent from her parents or anything like that? The airline says 15 is an adult ticket so this won’t be a problem however will it be a problem getting through security?

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    Taking a child abroad without permission is child abduction.

    The child is a CHILD.

    Airfare is airfare.

    CHILDREN do not wander around the world with whoever they want.

    PARENTS give permission for child to go off to some far away place.

    Part of this permission is appointing an ADULT to care for the child at far away place.

    At destination place officials will be interested in the CHILD. Is the child travelling with parental approval?

    Is there an ADULT to take responsibility for the child?

    There are many sample letter available online for what the letter needs to contain.

    Basically the identification of child, where,when they are going and WHY.

    WHO is the ADULT appointed by parents.

    Contact information Corfu officials may need to confirm the letter.HINT a phone number parents will answer at the expected travel arrival time.

    You can be questioned separately upon arrival.

    If things appear not right or they suspect something CHILD is taken for their protection. They might just be returned back home.

    Sadly in this world there are some that desire bad things and take advantage of children. These procedures are an attempt to reduce the bad things naive children may become victim to.

    The AIRLINE is not travel entrance control. The AIRLINE is not GREECE Child protective service.

    The Airline provides a seat on the plane.The Airline is not the child's guardian.

    Corfu officials decide if child is safe and can leave the security of the Airport or is returned back to parents.

    The fare the child pays is irrelevant to the procedure.

    YOU as ADULT friend need documentation that authorizes YOU to act in the child's best interest.

    For example getting a room to sleep in, getting medical care if needed.

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    Getting her parents permission on paper, Ie as mentioned a notorized letter, check airline websites as some have samples that you can download and complete. Then you should have no issues

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    Get a letter. And having it notarized would be good.

    The child may be an "adult" for ticket purposes, but she is still a minor who is traveling between countries. Because of concerns with child trafficking, abduction, etc., it's wise to have all of your bases covered.

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    CALL THE AIRLINE - and make sure that you have every single bit of legal documentation possible. There is no way for the airline to tell otherwise, if you are a helpful family friend, or a child sex trafficker! I know that sounds harsh - but consider all the children that ARE transported by debonair and smiling folks . . . The parents will of course have to provide legal material - and you fly in a a FEW DAYS - so get this all moving TODAY.

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    i think it is not important me

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    Definitely get a letter. If you don't your trip could become unpleasant.

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    Get a letter of consent signed by both parents. You may not need it, but it is better to have it.

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