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How can I stop caring what the customers think of me?

Everyday before work I get huge anxiety that something bad will happen. I work a cash register at a fast food place and I have my fair share of customers making me feel worthless.

Everytime I work I always get at least one or two people that destroy my whole entire mood. Like, I go home just thinking about how angry they’ve made me and this is what makes me scared of going to work. I know I sound weak but I want to get better. I don’t want to care about what customers think of/ say to me. I’m confident in my ability to do the job, they just worry me.

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    Well l would like you to serve me because you

    Put so much care into what you do, thanks

    For being such a gifted employee.


    Very Best Wishes


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    • Mars Mission
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      Remind yourself how good you are, when folks get
      Short tempered, l would make them wait the longest!

  • 5 months ago

    Just think how sad they must be in their own lives to behave that way.

    Remember it no reflection on you.

  • 5 months ago

    Try talking to your doctor about medication and cbt therapy. After working in retail for 3.5 years, since i was 14-17, i ended up quitting. It was so difficult that i couldn't even give a weeks notice. I was having panic attacks that would last all night before work, so no sleep for me. Then when i would wake up to shower id end up collapsing on the floor, curling into a ball, crying, trying not to pass out from lack of breathing, threw up, all up to the very minute i pulled into work.

    Then, at work i would sweat constantly, tear up a bit, shake, my anxiety tic is a constant runny nose and annoying cough. I would get yelled at for that by customers too.

    Then at home. It's supposed to be time to relax right? No I'd take off my sweaty work shirt, unzip my pants to get in the shower, and then just look at myself in the mirror, have another panic attack knowing i'd have to go to work tomorrow. Time for dinner. Nope. I could never keep food down, i'd throw it up.

    If its this bad, quit.

  • GB
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    Are most of the customers rude to you? Do you consider them rude if they don't try to make small talk? I think it shows consideration for others in the queue. Also remember, that some might be preoccupied. Others actually get embarrassed about buying certain items. They don't realize that a cashier is not likely to remember who bought tampons, contraceptives etc, and it's all just money in the till.

    Do you think you should be in a 'better' job, or has someone close to you, said this? You aren't 'only' a cashier. We need cashiers.

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  • bubba
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    5 months ago

    No idea. I have never cared what anyone else thinks.

  • 5 months ago

    Don't take it. Be fair but firm.

  • patty
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    5 months ago

    try and smile at each customer when u first see them this will make them behave

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You have to understand that they are annoyed or pissed off with the uniform, the name badge, not you personally. This comes with experience.

    Think of it this way, when you put the name badge on you are no longer you, you are an employee of ??????.

    Once you have finished work forget about your shift, forget about work, think about pay day and what that cash will allow you to do.

  • polly
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    lt takes practice,but start to get into the habit of making a commitment with yourself that no matter how much you feel like your customers are attempting to make you feel worthless & dent your self esteem,that you're not going to give them that control of your feelings.

    Some people are so miserable & void of decency that they need to make people like yourself feel like crap as much as possible.Don't give them that power.

  • 5 months ago

    It is the opposite with us, we get scared to be shouted at lol

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