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i’m 15 with NO boobs?

i’m not late with puberty or anything, everything else is normal and i started my period when i was 11! its not like i’m stick thin either, in fact i’m pretty chubby 116lbs and 5’1. but my boobs are literally NON EXISTENT. I’m an A cup and all of my friends my age are C/D’s. its so embarrassing and i literally pray every night for them to grow lol. apparently girls stop growing 3 years after their period starts, does this apply to breast development too? HELP

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    You have no reason at all to be worried, people can have nothing, or have it all, but eventually in life you’ll grow

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    6 months ago

    I’m 15 too and i’m a late bloomer. I can feel your struggle, all my other friends are C’s and D’s while i’m barely an A. Try not to compare yourself to them and remember that you have time to fill out. The 3 years after your period thing is just a myth. The reason why you don’t have boobs just yet could be anything from genetics to being athletic. Always remember that even if you don’t have boobs, you are still beautiful just the way you are! Boobs aren’t everything.

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    Girlll I’m 21 and still have no boobs, I spent my teen years feeling insecure cause I was flat chested , mine have only grown a bit in the last few months and that’s from being on the pill, I’m still like a 34A , I promise you one day you literally won’t care anymore!!!

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    I'm almost 17 and my breasts are a size AA cup (even smaller than yours). I hit puberty at 9 and they stopped growing shortly after. Some people just have smaller chests. I have the smallest breasts in my whole family. Be proud of your chest. A cups are uncommon and most models are actually small chested.

    Rather or not you're done growing in height doesn't dictate rather your breasts are done growing. They're separate things. You'll just just have to wait and see. If you had your period at 11 you're kind of an early bloomer which means it is likely your breasts are either done or just about done growing.

    Source(s): A 16-year-old who hit puberty at 9 and has finished it up long ago.
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  • kelvin
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    6 months ago

    apparently whoever said this too you is a huge idiot and all girls out their need to seriously stop listening to this garbage about girls and the fact that they stop growing 2-3 years after there first period and if that was true most girls would stop growing at the age of 11 years old and why not worry about that after your fully done growing in three years and how would i know i grew up with five sisters

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    I'm 26 and when I was your age my chest was as flat as a board but that made it easier to wear clothes comfortably ,i could wear what i wanted and not get looked at funny I didn't care about having boobs , i still don't neither should you boobs give you unwanted attention don't be in such a rush to have them I wish I could give mine away as for you its just not your time and everyone grows at their own pace if its meant to be it's meant but if not it's not be happy with yourself love yourself

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    Omg why are you worrying? You don’t need boobs to be beautiful.

    Why is it embarrassing that you have small/no boobs??

    I don’t get why this generation is so obsessed with either their weight, boobs and butt. Everyone wants huge boobs and a huge butt but want to be 90 pounds. Or their lips! Everyone wants huge fake lip injection lips.

    Don’t get it.

    Love yourself for who you are. Stop comparing yourself. You are you. If anyone has a problem with how you look, tell them to fvck off.

    Stop telling yourself having small boobs or no boobs is a problem. You are beautiful the way you are.

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    6 months ago

    I didn’t have any when I was 15 either. Every other girl had something. It sucked. When I turned 16/17 it hit. And overnight it kinda happened. And over the next year my chest size turned into D cups. And now at 20, it’s honestly annoying and they get in the way. But I work with what I have and I’m grateful for what I have. You should be too. Maybe yours will come in, or not. It’s all up to your body. You are a beautiful thing. Trust me, you learn to be happy with either outcome.

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    6 months ago

    Girls are under such weird pressure. The first-bloomers are embarrassed because they're different. Late-bloomers are embarrassed because they're different.

    Also, if they stop growing at 15, then why are there no highly-endowed 15-year-olds? Something to consider.

    Honestly, don't worry about it. Some kids get cancer at your age. Imagine their embarrassment. Life moves on regardless. Say you end up being the ugliest girl on the planet. You'll probably still get married and have kids.

  • 6 months ago

    Boobs go in and out of style. 100 years ago girls used to wrap cloth around their chests to flatten their boobs for a 'boyish' figure. In the 50s bras were designed to make boobs stick out the furthest, not the biggest size but the most extension.

    A lot of guys like the smaller boobs! I kind of do myself (frankly, I like ALL boobs.) Also the smaller ones don't migrate south when you get older.

    Finally, while big, juicy, round boobs might attract guys (for the wrong reason), when a man finally falls deeply in love with you, it will be because of who you are, what you're like. He won't care what kind of boobs you have!

    Girls your age always hate their bodies. But you're still not through growing just yet. Just try to relax.

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