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Is it bad to want your boyfriend to baby you?

I want him to spoil me once in a while. I got fired recently and I wanted him to cuddle me, sweet talk me, and buy me something pretty. Instead he pulled up job listings and told me to start looking "no point in crying he said". I know he is right but I just wanted me be sad for a few days and then I would start the job hunt. We ended up job searching together. Am I right or is my boyfriend right?

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    Why does someone have to be right? He is thinking the logical way because it's what males usually do.

    I'm not a guy but i don't think i'd wallow in something like losing my job for a few days, i'd look for something else. OR if i wanted a few days to recover, i'd find some productive and fun things to do before looking for another job (if i could afford to do that, of course).

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    Your lucky he was there to motivate you. otherwise you probably would have sat around on the couch pointlessly complaining in your pajamas and stuffing your face with ice cream and Nutella.

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    Why does someone have to be right and the other wrong? You wanted what you wanted, he wanted what he wanted.

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    you need to grow up little girl, this is real life and you are not a princess.

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