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Ladies, if you were going on vacation with your boyfriend...?

would you just sit back, relax, and enjoy everything while he plans everything, pays for everything, carries all the bags, works to impress you, waits on you, etc.?

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    thats an absurd question bc women who behave promiscuously like that with lovers and "boyfriends" are not ladies. Also unless a man is really old or desperate or both he would treat a women who is not a lady like a lady, Gentleman an d men of higher rank do not do those things for women like that. You should adress your question to women. bc it does not apply to Ladies. Also woken who are of the social rank of lady or above, even if they behave like your avg promiscuous women have wealth and status themselves and pay fore their male boyfriends and husbands. Practically all the women I slept with before marriage who were of that social rank but engaged in that lifestyle only married after their families provided their husbands with large sums of money, or their parents died and they did not have brothers so inherited a large amount on their own

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    6 months ago

    No, for multiple reasons. One, it's his vacation, too, so I want him to relax and be waited on some of the time. Two, he might plan things not to my liking, and if I leave all the planning to him, I don't get to complain. Third, it's not unheard of for a man who pays for everything when he takes you on a vacation to expect you to pay him back in some other way, and he does not consider it optional. Since I'm not a prostitute, for cash or a vacation, that won't fly with me.

  • 6 months ago

    yes yes yes yes

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