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What kind of jobs can I do to get some experience in accounting?

So I am currently a student and I've been looking up accounting jobs and a lot of those jobs are looking for people with all kinds of experience but I am just a student. How can I get working experience if I am new to accounting. I've only completed 1 semester of accounting. I was looking at it in a perspective that if i just stay in school and graduate with no work experience, how would I get the accounting work experience I need to get my foot into the door?

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  • Judy
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  • Jay
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    You have to have at least a two year certificate before anyone is going to trust that you know what you are doing.

    BUT if you take a Quickbooks Certification course (it is a 3 day course that will cost about $500...go to the Intuit site and find out when one will be offered near you)

    The Quickbooks Certification course will enable you to be a basic bookkeeper...and that is the first step to a full accounting job.

    Maybe you can get a job as a bank teller.

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    I started out at a collection agency posting payments (accounts receivable).. Entry level but my title was a bookkeeper. I then went to a medical supply company doing collections and issuing credit memos, invoicing, payment posting etc. That company paid for my degree & once I graduated I became the Accounting Manager.

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    1 are too early.

    After your second year, apply for summer internships.

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  • Eva
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    Learn QuickBooks, on your own if you have to. You will be starting out with a bookkeeping job and most small companies use that program. Knowing the program will make it easier to secure a position.

  • Pearl
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    i would just take rnore accounting classes so you know rnore about it

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