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Is "International Animal Rescue" reliable or a fraud?

Is this organization reliable? I read in the internet that years ago there was a scam going on about an organization with an almost identical name. But I hope that was a different thing(it was IARF and not IAR) Anyway, I'd like very much to help this organization that I found out on social medias...have you ever heard about this non-profit organization? Is it safe to send money to it?

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    1. If you want to review a company...stay off of social media and focus on places you can find facts.

    2. For a UK based charity...the BBC is a good source and they have a history of covering this particular charity.

    3. Sending your money around the world to help animals sounds cool and helpful, but a nice chunk will be eaten up trying to get that money (or supplies) to the places that need them. Better to work with a local charity on this issue in my opinion.

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