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Is my doctor right?

My doctor was talking to me about my results from blood work for liver enzymes I had mildly elevated liver enzymes that weren't that high but showed a mild liver inflammation. she said it didn't say it was related to alcohol. but I did ask if I need to quit drinking and she said drinking 1 or 2 drinks in moderation is ok. she said I could have been sick or had a bug. could a bug elevate liver enzymes and get an inflammation in liver? is my doctor right?

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    Yes. You doctor could be right? Have you been drinking too much?

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    Your doctor went through the better part of a decade of schooling just to qualify to practice medicine. If they tell you something, there's no real reason to question it.

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    Yes. If you drink and damage your liver that way the liver enzymes show a particular pattern. If she said that pattern was not present then your problem was not caused by booze. However just because it was not booze does not mean booze is OK, I would recommend against it as "insults" to the liver are not additive, they multiple each other. For example, alcohol is usually OK, Tylenol is usually OK but take them both together or in a quick sequence then they multiple each other and damage the liver. You should avoid booze and Tylenol.

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    anything can affect the liver

    Alcohol is a liver destroyer along with diseases and drugs

    so drink water and eat healthy and the liver will recover

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    Unless you think she wasted $100,000 in loans and 12-15 years of her life I would believe her.

    High liver enzymes can be caused by a number of things.

    If you are that worried don't drink.

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