What will you do if you were in my place? Pls help?

Hi everyone, I don't know how to describe my current state of mind right now. I met a guy two months ago in restaurant. He approached me n we exchanged no. He chased me n finally I fell in love. He is 49 and says he is divorced, I am 33 divorced with a child. He told me he works for the UN so he travels a lot. He said he has two houses n he is selling one of them. He also said he is advisor to some political leader. I googled him n saw his cv. He doesn't work for the UN. In fact he has no job and he is currently living in council flat. I was shocked about the lies but didn't confront him. He told me next week he is traveling for 3 weeks to do projects for UN. After 4 days I saw him on the road. Funny enough he didn't c me so I called hey where r u? He replied I am in the middle of my work overseas. I tried to explain to him that I am deeply in love with him but would appreciate if he can tell me more about himself. Yesterday he asked me to loan him 500 bucks but when I told him I have no money he says it is ok I lost my bank card n don't worry. Tonight we were supposed to meet but all of sudden he blocked my whatsapp and calls. Here I am with my make up on but that is what he does. If you were in my place what would u do? Thank you

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  • Z
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    5 months ago

    Why are you still planning to go out on a date with him even after you know that he is a liar, a fraud, and a loser?

    If I was in your shoes, I would have immediately known that he was lying the first time he told me that he worked for the UN. And I would never have given him my number. And that would have been the first and last time I spoke to him.

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