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Hi! Back in January I ordered something online and had it sent to my gf at the time.?

I ordered something online and it was sent to her address, she s from a different country than I am, and I was going to fly over and visit her in February, so I sent the package to her with her permission ofc.. but I ended up getting sick and wasnt allowed to go visit her.

We broke up in February and she still has not sent me my package, even after asking her several times about it, offering to pay for shipping and everything, because its my package after all.. so really no reason for her to not sent it to me, other than she hates my guts, and she probably wants it to herself, and honestly I think that might be the reason she has not sent it to me. Is it legal for her to open this package and well, basically steal it, since it was sent to her address..?

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    What written agreement do you have to show as evidence that the package was not a gift? Everything about the situation looks like it was a gift. Gifts do not have to be returned.

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    Was it addressed to you or her? Even if it was addressed to you and even if she did open it, you would have to sue her to get the value of it. Suing someone in another country - costly and red tape. You should forget it. Chock it up as an unfortunate circumstance.

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    it's not illegal if you mailed it to her and address the mail to her

  • Never
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    1 year ago

    It is 100% hers. End of story. You have no legal right to it whatsoever.

    If I send something to your address in my name, you can keep it too.

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    1 year ago

    it rnight not be legal, rnaybe you should talk to a lawyer about it

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    Yes, entirely legal for her to open it and keep the contents if her name and address was on it. But even if her name ISN'T on it, and even if were NOT legal, so what? There's is quite literally nothing you can do about without spending a large amount of money on getting an attorney in HER country to prosecute the case, which will probably be impossible for you to prove anyway. Give it up, dude.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    The package was addressed to her with her address. It was a nice gift from you to her.

    Even if the package had your name on it, she isn't obligated to send it to you. You are free to buy a plane ticket and go get it. Depending on local law, she can charge you a storage fee to keep it all this time.

    She isn't your personal secretary or a free storage unit.

    Don't be stupid. You're never getting that package.

  • jimmy
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    1 year ago

    If her name is on the parcel then its her parcel. If not opening it may be a crime depending on what country she is in.

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