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why is it this one town i moved to i feel so lost?

like i’m from the south but this is really nice town and has got me on my feet the other town i lived in i felt not so much lost but more problems with being homeless and around bad people i was never on my feet there but didn’t feel so lost but this town feels so repetitive and unfamiliar its weird but nothing changes i don’t meet many people here and there not of my kind more like rich folks and college kids but no one is social in this town bot many will conversate nothing its super boring here id never want to go back to being homeless though

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    Different place, different people, different culture. Maybe you don't fit in here, doesn't mean you have to go back, maybe you just have to go to another place, in time it will become more clear.

  • 5 months ago

    Pick up a few hobbies. You'll meet people and have fun.

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