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How unfit am i?

So i know that i am unfit, or at least not fit but i went on a run for the first time in a while today and would like tok ow how i compare to the average or just others in general? I am a total beginner, 19, female, slim, about 5ft 4 (162cm). I could run 3/4 minutes without having to stop and walk and i did this 3 times with a minute ish walking in between. I dont know my average km/h or whatever as i have no way to track it but the total run/walk was 1.7miles (2.7km). Is this good or bad for a first time. Thanks for any help in advanced!

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    I know VERY fit people who use the run/walk method for running, so taking walk breaks ins't a sign of lack of fitness. So you ran/walked 1.7 miles in 11 - 14 mins. All it means is you aren't very fast, but it doesn't reflect on your fitness at all. Plenty of very fit people aren't fast runners. I'm not fit at all and am a fairly slow runner even when I am more fit.

    Fitness is about so much more than how long or how fast you can run.

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    A fit person can run and slow run for quite a while. The best and most easy metric is to use BMI, its a calculator, you can find it on google. It uses your weight, height to figure out your BMI. If your BMI is under 25 you are doing OK. Fitness is also relative, if you want to start with some bar. Think PE minimums, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 squads, 10 minutes run, touch your toes.

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    You should be able to jog for at least 30 minutes without stopping

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