why do people worship films like captain marvel and tv shows like doctor who just because of the female lead?

i have nothing against the two of them but they definatley dont deserve all the credit they get.

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    1 year ago
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    Captain Marvel was a boring... but I don't say this because it has a female lead... I wasn't a fan of the Green Lantern movie either when Ryan Reynolds played in it... not that's he a bad actor.... nor did I like Batman and Robin - even though none of the actors in it were bad.

    Brie Larson does come off a bit pretentious with a chip on her shoulder.

    There are plenty of movies with female leads, long before Brie Larson came on the scene, but she seems to think she's the only one, like she created some kind of milestone for females, which is an insult to all the other women who have been in action roles long before her --- Uma Thurman, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie, Mila Jovovich, Carrie Ann Moss, Maggie Q, Gina Carano, Gal Gadot, Michelle Pfeiffer ..... even this new Batwoman show, in the trailer she says that she won't let a man take credit for a woman's work, but she literally takes over the mantle of the Batman, his cave, his gadgets, and uses his reputation that he built with the city. She wasn't trained by him, nor did she go across the world getting the best training from the best senseis. She didn't poor her wealth and time into mastering different styles of karate and mixed martial arts, taking classes in Europe - learning to be a detective with a high aptitude in science, properly evaluate a crime scene.

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    I think your question loads alot of different ideas into a single lump category.

    First, let's acknowledge that TV and movies really HAVE had a history of showing women only as love interests and damsels that need rescuing. Even as women have gotten better roles, leading roles, in any kind of action movie, they're just objects to be saved. Conquests to be pursued. These movies have lagged far behind. Look how long an awesome AND POPULAR character like Black Widow has taken to get a movie. And I promise you the ONLY reason she and Captain Marvel got movies is because Wonder Woman proved to Marvel that a female lead action film could make money.

    Now, I also believe that when gender or race becomes the first thing you think about when making a character or movie, that character or movie will suck. This is because when that is the first thing you lead off with, the rest of the character will tend to flow from that.

    Black Panther is a perfect example. Everything about him is informed by his race. He isn't a character who is black. He's a black character. The black comes first and informs the rest. That's not how people are. People are individuals first, and yes, we fit into groups. Professional groups. Hobby groups. Political affiliation. Friends. Family. Race. Gender. Sexual Orientation. But first and foremost, we're individuals. And when we subjugate ourselves to a demographic category, either as real people or as characters in a work of fiction, the result is seldom good.

    This is part of why I DESPISE the gender/race changing and mantle passing that DC and Marvel have done in lieu of actually inventing good characters who fill out their diversity. You see, it's not that diversity is bad. It's this mindset that diversity comes FIRST. BEFORE the creative process.

    But I say all of that, and yet I'm going to tell you, that is NOT why Captain Marvel was merely an "okay" movie. Captain Marvel really doesn't fall guilty to feminist pandering like, for example, CW's Supergirl does. Sure, there's a LITTLE of it in there, but if it bothers you, you're a hypersensitive snowflake who needs to grow up. It wasn't gratuitous.

    Captain Marvel was just a 'okay' movie because the scriptwriters chose to do an action movie where the only real danger to their very powerful lead were enemies that are subterfuge based...yet played those enemies in ways such that they never really capitalized on their strength. And there was a foolproof test to expose them provided right off the bat. Add in the excessive foreshadowing that gave away the entire movie less than 20 minutes in, and it was just regular plain ol' bad filmmaking that ruined Captain Marvel. Not the lead having two X chromosomes. That had nothing to do with it.

    But the people who want diversity FIRST and ABOVE ALL, can't allow a diversity movie to be judged on it's own merits. They pressure reviewers to give excessively glowing reviews to movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel...neither of which were BAD movies...they just weren't exceptional in any way. They're just two more in a long line of fun action/comedies from Marvel. They don't stand out.

    The diversity police though have hooked their egos to the idea that these movies will be BETTER than regular movies. So they decide that all criticism must come from sexism or racism. They can't risk the movie failing.

    The new Star Wars trilogy has the same problem. Rey is ABSOLUTELY a "Mary Sue". She's an absolutely dreadful character. Nothing against Daisy Ridley, she's doing what the script says. But that character is just a empty shell who has unjustified skills and abilities, never goes through any meaningful arc or progression like Luke or Anakin did, and is awful in just about every way. For a GOOD female character, look at Leia Organa...from the original trilogy I mean. THAT is a strong female character. Rey is not. But the diversity police can't handle that, and so attack anyone who says it.

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    People don't worship them, they just get excited. For most of movie history, the main character in movies has been a straight white guy. Women and non-whites are relegated to supporting roles that are often infuriating and insulting. It's exciting to finally see women and non-whites as leads who aren't dependent upon the white male characters and who aren't sidelined or treated in an insulting way.

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    Sounds like you're just scared of women but ok

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