Man Utd legends 5-0 Bayern legends?

you know you're **** when your legends team is better than your first team LMAO

2 Answers

  • Ryan
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Isnt that the point of a legends team

  • ?
    Lv 5
    2 years ago

    So dim you asked it twice; and here's me thinking you were a United fan, with your sneery City envy.

    But (seriously) looking at your - er...question, who did you think Manchester United were playing? The Bayern Munich first team of 2019? See the Daily Mail (United supporters/rear-lickers bar none) are treating David Beckham like the future King - of course, he's the only one still playing and so they were squealing he'd still cut it in the first team. Well, Mr Beckham is still on the job. Didn't some oik joke that the crowd of 61,000 was even bigger than a 'City home game' - but isn't that it...we all love the past, don't we. The worst thing is nowadays, the same amount queue up at the Old Trafford ground for serious matches - but end up being mugged off.

    Who knows...maybe you don't like football.

    One thing's for sure - I don't read the sports papers/tabloids as I suppose I should...or worst of all, keep on reading MailOnline, who make us feel he's still playing for some team under a lovely blue sky in say, California.

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