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Do I have to go to my sister’s wedding?

I have generalized anxiety disorder. Social gatherings to me are worst than hell. Especially weddings. Hopefully she will understand.

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  • You don’t have to. Perhaps you can see if you can say hello to her a bit before the ceremony, when she’s getting the final touches.

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    If you go it will be a growing experience for you and help you to break out of your crippling shyness and anxiety. If you do not go and for this most silly and shallow of reasons, you will live to regret it. It will always stand between you and your sister and you can never take it back. Put on your big girl panties, smile and go to the wedding. You do not have to stay forever and you do not have to be the life of the party but you really do have to go...unless you want to ruin any relationship with your sister and perhaps other family members. Not worth trying to avoid a short time awkwardness by creating a life long rift in the family

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    You can go to the ceremony and just spend a very brief time at the reception. If it helps your anxiety any, you will likely know plenty of the other guests (family for example).

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    Regardless is this event is your sister's wedding or not, you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed if you expect to have even a half happy life. A disorder that makes it so you cannot go to your own sister's wedding is a serious matter that requires either and or medication or psychological counseling.

    Having a disorder that paralyzes your social and family life is a horrible way to live. The worst part of it is that you can get help to overcome this disorder....IF YOU WANT to lead a happy normal life. Otherwise, hold yourself up and away from all the joys in life and lead an incredibly lonely and dismal lifestyle.

    Okay, you are afraid of seeing family and friends. Why not get on some medication so you can at least show up, see her get married and maybe spend 2.5 minutes at her reception and then leave.

    Your disorder is yours, but it also effects other people. Without help, you face such a terrible life as everyone around you grows and advances in their social life, their love life and their careers, while you sit back and see everything you are missing out on.

    You are not some helpless victim, you know. There IS HELP out there, you just have to want it. And, if you decide not to want it, then so be it. Just tell everyone to stop inviting you places because you are too anxious to leave the house for a good family party.

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    no you dont. if she hates you for it thats her own selfish problem. i diddnt go to my sisters wedding because i was away and she was fine woth it. in hindsight i feel like i missed out but the past is the past.

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    Go to sister's wedding smile, grin do whatever all will be over in a few hours try not to be ignored sitting at a table alone go take a walk if necessary.

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    Are you going to spend your life avoiding social situations? You have to mix with others at school, and will later have to do this when you start working.

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    Go speak to your doctor and ask for help so you won't have a problem.

    Not participating in such a big family event means you are allowing the anxiety to rule your life, and keep you away from life. It doesn't have to be that way, and you shouldn't let it. Go get medical help.

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    Yes you have to go.

    Go to the wedding ceremony, sit by your parents. Sit by your parents at the reception. Once dinner is over and dancing starts, then excuse yourself and leave.

    If your anxiety is this debilitating then you should be on medication and in therapy.

  • You get some help for your anxiety and go to the wedding.

    Don't let anxiety get the better of you.

    It's up to you, but if you don't go you may end up regretting it.

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