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Is he jealous or curious?

I dated this guy a year ago and then ended it. My best friend Adam was weird with me about him. He would ask my friends if I was dating or still dating that guy every day and never ask me. He would say snarky comments like ‘ so good to see you’re not leading him on’ when I started to not want to date that guy anymore. He randomly asked me once ‘have you had sex with him yet’ which was a bit personal and said how big is he tell me to stop with my hands? My girl friends don’t do that. Anyway, at my friends BBQ I referred to that guy, I said ‘ When I dated Alex he used to be late all the time’ to which Adam replied ‘is he off the scene completely now?’ I semi ignored him. I don’t know if he is jealous or curious, I’ve spoken to guy friends in front of Adam and he has said ‘you’re so down for him’ when I was just being friendly? Is he jealous or curious?

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  • Foofa
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    1 year ago

    Chances are he's that lurking "friend" who's in love with you but can't bring himself to be honest with you...yet wants to control your interactions with other guys and keep you all to himself. This is sadly a common trope.

  • Dd
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    1 year ago

    he's jealous ! Have great luck with everything please,

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