What are Google Algorithms?

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    Google Algorithm

    Google algorithms follow the same basic definition. Depending on your query or given input for anything searched on Google. The search engine returns millions of results for inputted queries.

    But ever thought how Google decided to show a specific result on the top and in what order. This is what algorithm does and comes in action.

    Google has a very complex algorithm for serving search results and it keeps changing frequently. Google never informs what the algorithm really does or works.

    Here is a list of elements which has an impact on page’s ability to appear in the results for any keywords:

    Keywords appearance in the page’s title, Meta description and header tags.

    Amount of naturally occurring links to the page

    The performance of the website on the mobile, smartphone and tablets.

    There are some important characteristics on which the Google algorithm explores and works determining how rank is been given to the pages. There are hundreds of ways to do this.

    How does Google determine which matter the most?

    Google algorithm reads a webpage; it prescribes a pre-ordained value to each link on the page. That particular numerical value is added to the end result.

    The web page having the most desirable traits will rise on the top of the page ranking because according to Google algorithm it is assigned to have more importance.

    The calculation done by Google platform is quick, and the ranking also keeps fluctuating as many other digital marketers keep manipulating the attributes that contribute to page rankings across a website or many single pages.

    The ranking has been assigned by the Google algorithms are fluid. The ranking keeps changing every single time. The results may vary. Usually, the top spots are been held by businesses which keep doing search engine optimization or SEO at the backed on their sites.

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