Anyone please help me urgently with my assignment :'( i tried a lot and trial balance doesn't match :(?

Question 1: The following information belongs to Mohammad’s Advertising for the month of April of 20xx:

1. Invested $150,000 cash, equipment worth $30,000 into his business.

2. Paid insurance for 6 months $1,200.

3. Purchased computer worth $5,000; Printer worth $1,500 from Huzaifa, paid $2,000 cash and the balance will be paid later.

4. Purchased a car from Salsabil Auto $30,000 and paid cash.

5. Performed service for Ibiza Com $10,000, received $5,000 and the remaining balance will be received later.

16. Paid rent for 2 weeks $3,000.

17. Paid Interest $1,000 to Your bank ltd.

19. Received $2,000 from Abdur Rahman Com for advertisement service to be performed in future.

20. Paid salaries $4,500 to staffs.

25. Paid $1,000 to Huzaifa for the transaction no 3 April.

26. Performed half of the advertisement service to Abdur Rahman for the transaction no 19 April.

28. Received $2,000 from Ibiza Com for the transaction on 5 April.

29. Mohammad withdrew $5,000 from business for his personal use.


a. Prepare Journal entries to record each of the events above.

b. Post the journal entries to T-accounts.

c. Prepare a Trail balance as of April 30, 20xx.

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  • Don G
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    Review your journal entries and posting to T accounts. How else can we help?

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