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How to convince our friend it was a misunderstanding??

Some friends gathered last weekend and, long story short, pretty much everyone brought drugs or alcohol and everyone was on something except 1 friend who hates the thought of pills, snorting, and alcohol (he's the only one in the group who is under the legal drinking age anyway) and is afraid of needles.

He was being a party pooper, party police man so me and the other guys offered to help him loosen up. Note: we were all heavily under the influence. I genuinely believed that he want to join us but didnt have the balls to shoot up himself so a couple of the others kinda pinned him down and we gave him a little H. It wasnt anywhere near a lot bc we knew he wasnt really into drugs but just enough like I said to help him loosen up. Even that little bit and he got super pissed but eventually fell asleep.

We thought it was just good fun but the next morning he left super early and hasnt really dealt with us since, we invited him to just hang out this weekend but he said he'd rather not and that he's still pissed and they we took things to far. Each of us have tried reaching out to him and he's shut us all down, we've tried explaining it was a misunderstanding but he's being stubborn about it and wont let it go. Playing the victim card as usual.

How do we get it through to him, this weekend there wont be any partying just hanging out and he's not even caring to listen. He's just sulking over last week.

He's 18 btw

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    So you were all high and drunk and somewhere in your mind you convinced yourself that he wanted to do drugs too. That makes NO sense you guys are terrible people and don't even deserve the right to call yourselves friends. You all physically held him down and put the needle in his arm he could get all of you arrested on that alone and i wouldn't blame him if he did. I dont know how many brain cells you've lost from destroying your body with drugs and alcohol but he's not playing the victim he WAS the victim you guys made him get high he told you he didn't want to and you didn't listen. Apparently you can't handle your liquor because you somehow convinced yourself that he wanted to do it when you KNEW he didn't want to. If you have to hold someone down and make them do something they obviously don't wanna do it. You're deflecting and you just can't accept that its your fault when you know that it is. He's not your friend anymore if you guys complaining about him being "party pooper" and just being toxic and terrible wasn't enough to run him off this certainly was. Say good bye to your friendship with him bc there's no way he's coming back around after that.

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    A "misunderstanding"? Playing the "victim card"?

    Sorry, but what kind of friends are you? I would not consider people doing that to me to be my "friends." A true friend would have stuck up for him at that party and told the others to back off.

    He's not the one with the issue here. You guys are.

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    Honestly if I was him I'd never speak or hang out with you again. Be grateful he responds.

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    You assaulted this young man, someone you knew didn't like drugs, and gave him a dose? Now you think he's sulking? Hey, every hear about freedom of choice, privacy, respect... stuff like that? You very badly violated his trust and he's right to stay away from you. If you think drinking and drugs are necessary to enjoyment, poor, are you missing the boat!

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    Why does your question read like a book..Anywho; misunderstanding is right friend didn't know the people he thought were cool were actually creepy drug heads. Hope your friend doesn't get caught up, can move on.

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    Just because he's 18 doesn't mean that he's required to get high and wasted with low-lives like your group of friends. He specifically said that he didn't want to participate, and you knew that he hated things like that, but you and your friends were disrespectful assholes who didn't care about his morals. He's better off without toxic people like you guys because it's totally wrong to force someone to do something they're not comfortable with doing. What makes it worse is that you're accusing him of playing a victim card when you didn't consider his feelings and treated him like an animal by holding him down and forcing drugs into him.

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    Lets say your friend was gay and into anal sex. He knew you were straight and was definitely against anything going into your anus. But he thought if you just knew what it felt like you would certainly come to realize your error. Then, with the help of guys bigger than you, they held you down, took down your pants and he had sex with you. And in fact "loosened you up". Would you have a problem with this? Would you play the victim or would you welcome him and his friends to come hang out with you more risking the same thing happening all over again? After all it was all in fun. Well according to you, you would. In fact you would drop your pants and be bent over waiting for him to arrive. But somehow maybe that wouldn't be so. Just maybe you now understand where your (former) friend is coming from by avoiding you.

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