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My boyfriends cheating on me On Snapchat?

He texted me last night but the bitemoji was of another girl and not my bitemoji so it was the last person he spoke with on snap. I asked him and he kept brushing it off and acting confused....we’re not even best friends on Snapchat when we do most of our texting on there which tells me he’s snap chatting with someone else more than me.

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  • Janet
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    1 year ago

    How do you have sex on Snapchat?

    Okay, he's talking with other girls. You are telling him that he's not allowed to HALF the people on this planet just because they are female?

    You are telling me that you two are married, or at least engaged, or maybe even having a sexual relationship where you have both promised to be faithful?

    At least he's not lying to you about it. He's evading the answer, but a lie means you have to break up. Because honesty is 65% of what makes it work so when a bf lies to you, you are going to break up sooner or later anyway .. and the longer it takes the more it will hurt.

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