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Why the feeling of anger, sadness, and frustration?

In our small town, a 15 year old girl was murdered by her mother's boyfriend who has a rap sheet a mile long. He was also heavy into drugs. This young girl's body was found in an embankment off of a mountain road. I didn't know the girl personally and my daughter was just an acquaintance but I can't help thinking about how she endured a horrific death at such a young age. I am so angry with this man and I feel frustrated about the situation. I also feel a great deal of sadness when I think about how she had her whole life ahead of her. Why do people like me, who don't even know the victim, feel this way about situations like this?


I would never do this but there are people who are stalking the mother of this young girl on social media and ridiculing her, threatening her, and using expletives that are pretty disgusting. I feel the same anger toward the mother but I don't advertise my anger on social media or outside of my own house.

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    Sadly you just learned how the world is.

    It's a sick world and it's great that you keep it

    to yourself.

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    Isn't it obvious? You're a normal human being capable of empathy and this terrible thing happened on your patch. It'd be stranger if you felt nothing. When these awful things happen it's like ripples of sewerage lapping at the community. Nobody looks at each other the same way again. Everybody wonders what goes on behind their neighbors' doors, what's lurking in the unknown heart. It never really goes away for the people who were around at the time.

    It's just over 30 years ago the father of a girl in my mother's class murdered everyone in the family expect the girl. I never met her since I was older but my mother took it hard and there's still not a single day despite all kinds of personal misadventures since that I don't think about it with a little shudder, especially as when things came out in the paper I knew that I must have walked past the house less than 20yd away as the killing was going on. It's stupid that I feel responsible for not noticing it and stopping it, but how could I? I'm afraid that what you're feeling is what a normal decent human feels. It's a shame that it's never quite appropriate to talk about those conflicted feelings one's left with, especially when feeling not involved enough to justify feeling them. I hope you have someone to talk to in real life and that you can talk to your daughter too. She might not dwell on it much now but these things have a way of persisting just on the edge of every thought.

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