How long do truancies last?

I m in 8th grade, and through middle school I ve had terrible attendance because I get sick frequently and have anxiety. This quarter and semester I ve had much better attendance and have been getting myself to school regularly, but the attendence office marked some of my absences as unexcused for whatever reason. I think I have 9 unexcused absences this year. Because of this, we ve gotten letters from my school saying I m habitually truant, and my parents need to schedule a meeting.

My parents were never able to, and tomorrow is the last day of school. Should I worry about this for when I m 16 and need to get my permit? Like, how long is the truancy on my record?

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  • 1 year ago

    If you have a legitimate medical condition, then of course your parents have had it documented and certified by a doctor, and whenever you've been absent because of your illness, of course your parents have notified the school and presented a medical certificate when necessary.


    If NOT, then it's the fault of your parents for allowing you to be absent so often, and it's high time for them to have a formal meeting where the law can be spelled out to them.

  • Nancy
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    1 year ago

    Your parents should worry. Their failure to ever meet with school officials regarding your truancy constitutes criminal child neglect. They can go to jail for your truancy.

    If you make it to high school, which I kind of doubt at this point because the school will not pass you if missed too many days, then you will start with a clean slate. I'd take advantage of that, quit making excuses, suck it up, and go to school. That's because if you're truant in high school, that will directly effect your future, especially if you ever plan to go to any decent college to make something of yourself and not just end up in a life of abject poverty. But if abject poverty is what you want, then go ahead and keep being truant. Plus, if you do, then you can have the joy of maybe having your parents sent to jail for child neglect and you getting sent to a foster home and/or juvenile detention for truancy.

    As for your learner's permit, which I'm assuming refers to learning to drive, school attendance or having a criminal record has nothing to do with it.

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