How did the Europa Final end up in Baku? In terms of travel and seems the least logical location.?

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    UEFA invites bids to host the CL and EL finals. The process is...something, but ultimately of the bids received, UEFA went with Baku. Keep in mind that cities bidding to host the Europa League final can't host a Champions League final, so cities like Madrid, Munich, Paris, London, etc. pass. However, the bid requirements to host the Champions League final are much more exhaustive which puts cities like Baku out of the running. I still argue that they should have a pool of 2-3 options and pick one once the group stage is over (ideally keeping it central to make it easier for fans of the teams to attend). Still have a neutral site, but if, say, Paris was the host city for the Champions League final and Lisbon for the Europa League, it would be easier travel.

  • people will have all sorts of malevolent conspiracy theories about this mainly based on self interest and isn't that your reason too?,, but i believe the truth is because Football is a world game, and the powers which control the game are looking to recognize that..

  • August
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    1 year ago

    Eufa has to spread it out a bit and it will give the Londoners a culture shock

    (match ticket holders have free travel across the Baku municipal public transport network 28 to 30 May

    KO is 11pm local time.they are 3 hours in front )

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    1 year ago

    Oil MONEY!!!

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  • 1 year ago

    Could had played it in britain as both teams that got to final are English.

  • 1 year ago

    These footballing organisations all want inclusiveness,so they want everyone to get a chance to host important events.

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