Should I get the ipod classic 5th or 7th generation?

I know theyre old but I'm set on getting an ipod classic for my music, Im just having trouble picking. Both devices are fully refurbished. What would you pick?

Ipod 5-black and red


-Slightly better sound quality

-upgraded to 128gb of storage


- thicker

- a little bit more expensive

-more prone to scratches

ipod 7: black and gold


-thinner device


-120gb storage


- less sound quality


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  • P
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    You will be much better off with the more current generation (7). I'm not sure how you are determining that the 7 has worse sound quality. Sound quality will be far more tied to the format of the actual music file you end up with and the headphones you are using than the actual device. Regardless refurbished or not you can't trust they ever replaced the battery, since if it still works they rarely do and you will be much better off with a newer one.

    • Dee1 year agoReport

      They both stated that they have brand new batteries. As for the sound quality, its not that big of a difference but a lot of people say that the Wolfson DAC has the best sound quality

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