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What is a computer server?

I always hear this term and never know what it refers to. Can you explain in layman's terms to someone NOT tech savvy? Thanks!


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    A server is any computer - or piece of software - that provides a service, eg. data of some sort, to another program or computer.

    Many people think they are a special type of machine, but that only really applies to the cases used on ones built to be stacked in racks for places that need many computers.

    If you run a game with multi-player capability on your own machine, it's likely got a server section (that holds the overall map & player positions etc.) and a client section, the part with the graphics and controls.

    Quite a lot of other routine programs also have client and server sections; for some purposes it is a more flexible approach to creating programs as allows things to be shared from the server part, either to different sections of a client on the same machine or to clients on different machines.

    A dedicated server computer is one built specifically to provide data or services to other computers.

    It's in principle still just a PC, whether in a conventional case or a rack mount case, but usually without a screen and keyboard as no one needs direct access to it, everything is done through a network connection.

    They may also have extremely large amounts of disc (or SSD) storage - or be linked to dedicated storage systems - if they are intended to hold large amounts of data.

    However, that's not essential to being a server.

    eg. If you, like many people, have a shared storage device (NAS) or an old PC somewhere you just use to store music or video to use from other computers or phones over your home network, that's a dedicated server.

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    a Mad Box

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    It's a computer that acts as the main powerhouse.

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    Picture a large office with lots of people sitting at desks operating computers. All these computers are connected together on what is called a Local Area Network (LAN). Now instead of each computer having it's own filing system and applications, All of the files and applications are stored on a Master Computer that they can all access. This Master Computer is called a Server and the other computers are called Work Stations.

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    'Server' as in one who brings you something. Your computer is called a 'Client' and when you click on something you're actually requesting info. It's a server's job to deliver that something. But often times to thousands or millions of people.

    That's what the term "Client-Server" refers to.

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    It's a computer that provides a service, like hosting files or a website.

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