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Former WWE superstar, Ashley Massaro, dies at 39?

Your thoughts?

I honestly didn't think that she was the best female wrestler in WWE, but she brought something to the table and there were a lot of people who were fans of her. She was actually a fan-favorite in the WWE Diva search, back in 2005....

A very unique and beautiful soul, gone too soon, and yet left an impression on many. R.I.P.

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    I have always thought Ashley Massaro was a great person. The positive things I remember about her was, she had a sweet personality, fairly athletic, tried to be a good wrestler and do something different in the ring(That elbow drop from the middle rope).

    Ashley Massaro was one of those women that loved professional wrestling. During that time when "divas" were prissy, girly, and so into their looks(There is absolutely nothing wrong with that), Ashley stood out. Ashley was a tomboy, and had an edgy look. I think she was one of the reasons women liked that "punk" look.

    Ashley was beautiful, but loved professional wrestling, and tried to improve her wrestling skills. Even when she wasn't in WWE, she wanted to compete and still entertain the fans. I never had the pleasure of meeting, or even writing Ashley Massaro, but I do remember her been kind to the fans, and even responding back to them. Ashley was amazing, different, and a beautiful person. She knew how to be sexy if need be, too.

    I know one opinion wouldn't have made a difference, but had I known what was gonna happen, I would have supported her, or at least have sent her a beautiful heartfelt message. Just based off of reading other wrestlers tweets, it makes me sad. She seemed kind, positive, and seemed to have a good heart. R.I.P to beautiful Ashley.

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    Yeah it really is sad. she was only 39 years old. I can recall watching her way back in 2005 when i was only 13 years old at the time and I also can recall her teaming up with Trish Straus to feud with the likes of Candice Michelle Torrie Wilson and Victoria. Rip Ashley Massaro you will be missed but not forgotten.

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    Empathy's heart is the willingness to admit and face our own issues with addiction.

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    Yes. They say it was suicide. RIP Ashley.

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    Sad. The underrated WWE Superstar was one of the great entertainers of all times just died too young. When I was 17 years old, I used to watch SmackDown when she managed Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

  • Sad and surprising and finger pointing before there is even an official autopsy.

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    Sad. What a Beauty she was. R.I.P

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    There’s already people trying to blame wwe for her death or blaming it on steroids, yeah, real classless people using someone’s death to push their own agendas

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