Which one do you prefer, listening to music or watching Tv?

Update: I need to collect the poll for a statistic project, and it's ideally required the sample size be greater than or equal to 30. So I hope more people would answer this. That way, I can collect sufficient data.
Update 2: Thanks, guys. The poll is almost at 30. Appreciate your answers.
Update 3: My stats teacher thinks the question isn't broad and is too strict of gathering accurate data to support my claim. She considered I rephrase it this way: do you prefer watching tv or use other media(surfing the internet, listening to music/radio, or reading)?
Update 4: Thank you all for your answers. I now have enough inputs to complete my project. If I had done this in real life, I would not have gotten these many responses as I have now. The internet sure does wonders. Anyway, I appreciate all of your answers. God bless!
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